Sound From Transmission Power Lines Should Never Be Wasted

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High Tension Power lines and transmission line towers make noise, we have all heard this. But Sound can be a source of energy in that it can be harvested to make steam in my humble opinion. Here is my thought then; Large Capacitors which "hmm" or "BZZZZZZZ" can be surrounded by another shell which has within it another an enclosed cavity that has inside of it Helium. The sound waves will penetrate the wall of the enclosed cavity or horse shoe shaped enclosed tank, which is thin, but strong and holds in the helium. It can be made of carbon fiber and composite but coated with a ceramic or glass type coating. The tank can also be on the ground and the enclosure has a tube down to the ground where the sound will travel and using harmonic and bouncing the sound around the outside of the container where the Helium is trapped it will enhance the sound which surrounds it.

The sound waves penetrate the tank and the Helium Atoms are heated up and then they bounce into each other causing heat and get very hot by the agitation caused by the sound wave bombardment. This will make heat and with an interior of the tank coated with ceramic coating it will get really hot and stay hot, that heat can then be used to run a coil through the center filled with water which will be your basic steam generator on the exterior, which spins an electric motor. Therefore any power lost from the transmission line is recaptured and therefore there is no loss.

These little tanks can be placed on the ground, prevent that horrible noise that pisses of people and hurts the wild life and disorients them from their normal and natural life cycles and daily patterns. The heat is used, the sound is used and we all win. If you have an idea, which is similar or based upon a similar concept, then maybe you should join a group of thinkers who do not close their minds, turn them off, think out side the box and would like to meet people like you.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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