Static Charge Pulse on Wind Generator Material Memory Blades

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Wind Power is considered a clean industry and is amongst the favorites of environmentalists and clean energy supporters. Unfortunately the wind generators rely on the wind and the wind is somewhat inconsistent in that sometimes it blows and some times it does not. There are some places in the United States like the California and Nevada Deserts, Hills of North Dakota, West Texas Plains, State of Wyoming where the wind seems to always be blowing and hard. Scientists do long intense studies to determine where the wind blows with the most force by studying weather patterns, terrain and updrafts for many seasons. It is through these studies we learn where to place our wind generators to get the most; "bang for the buck." You see wind generators are expensive to build and you also have to build power lines to take the energy to the grid. The is a definite monetary consideration and return on investment which must be calculated with or without the renewable energy infrastructure tax credits and deductions.

These wind generators produce quite a bit of static electricity, but in its form is not very usable to your alternating current needs of running appliances. The static electricity created by the large wind generator fan blades moving thru the air is significant. With this electromagnetic energy once it is used it goes to zero like a big zap from the carpet after you drag your feet across it. But as the wind generator blades moves it is built up again and again. We should use this zapping power to allow the spinning blades of a wind generator to flap, by sending pulses into specially manufactured material memory blades. As they flap much like a bird we can increase speed of the blade slightly when the wind is weak. Thus have a more constant power output to the in times of no or little wind. By creating a flapping situation blades can continue even when airflow is very low at 2-3 mph. Think on this.

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