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When Manufacturing nets of any type: Going for strength and light weight is a challenge and it has been the compromise of many for so long in the battle to find the strongest net, sheet of plastic to mimic that of a Spider's web we have endured to no end. It is always and shall be for some time one of man's most important conquests in many of his fields of endeavors such as fishing. Due to friction of fluid in water, air; All of which is considered in terms of drag (parasite or induced) obstacles which man has to overcome this for speed and stability to properly position.

Plastic Sheeting the same compromises exist for instance in Agriculture such as covering strawberry fields to keep in moisture or covering large above ground aquifers so as to not allow evaporation or for you swimming pool, strength to conquer elements such as a child falling on it or the heat and UV of the sun. Dupont has gone to much trouble and material scientists have spent lifetimes of research on the possibilities of a better, stronger material. More sticky, non-rip able, non-flammable, heat absorbing, salt resistant, etc, etc. For instance this material is incredible and could be used in fishing, agriculture, netting flocks of birds in flight which may contaminate areas with their viruses, etc.

In our study tonight we are looking for a way to catch a flying model aircraft in flight or a swarm, flock or formation of such, by use of a net. Nets of this type are used at construction sites you have seen them in bright red or orange, ugliest things you have ever seen, but it saves companies from frivolous lawsuits of slip and fall conartists or those Jerry Springer "Gimme My Free T-Shirt" trailer park refugee future guest stars and ambulance chasing sue for a million dollar take 80% on consignment Lawyers. Any way these nets have color dies added and if you take them out you can easily make the net, clear as the blue sky and you can make any design such as a hexagon stacked shape pattern with a fishing wire type horizontal insert about ten inches in diameter, thus no UAV of five inches or more wing span can make it through the net. And of course no innovative company is stupid, you cannot find what you want, we will make it. Now then let us look at 3M products and their R and D, Post it Notes were a mistake, but some young and aggressive marketing genius was unconvinced and today where would we be without post it notes? And they even make downloadable electronic post it notes for your computer "Free Ware." and don't say that reading all these bulletin boards does not help make your life easier either.

How would you launch a vertical net like this to catch a flock of virus or pathogen infected birds or a swarm of hostile bio-toxic carrying UAVs? You could launch if with a rocket on both sides, but if you wanted to keep it airborne you could use balloons.

Maybe the net could be made out of competing materials, very thin, strong and could be electrified to down the UAV or instantly kill the flock of birds, more humane. This way they will not die from hitting the ground and breaking apart bones. One company Japan Corporation has developed a high strength, super lightweight magnesium alloy to compete for high strength plastic piping. CFRP, is a Carbon fiber re-enforced plastic. The industry already about 30 different variations along this theme of re-enforced plastics and some companies are trying to even make materials which supercede the costs to manufacture and out do the performance of CFRP,

Why is it important to have a giant net to fight wars or protect our infantry? Because other countries or hostile states or International Terrorists might use basic materials and hobby shop RC aircraft to attack us or our troops. Therefore this simplistic strategy will work. If our enemy equipped their UAVs with razors on the wing we could still defeat the attack with horizontal fishing wire and even perhaps a vertical one too between holes. Thus they would need lots of razors or it would not work, the more razors the great the weight, shorter the range and thus making the planes bigger and bigger means easier to see by radar, eyesight, larger engines bigger heat signature for SAM handhelds. Thus by having a net on a battlefield we would protect ground personnel and our military hardware from detection by hostile enemy planners. If the ends of each net were launched with Jato-Bottle assisted vertical SUV aircraft such as this, then the net could be launched at the earliest warning. A few pictures and examples of the Vertical UAVs are here; -

Nets can catch incoming hostile UAVs, guaranteed, this is how we often recover our own UAVs. Here is a sample of a net used to collect a UAV on a Navy Ship.

Nets are also used on ship to catch planes with failing landing gear arresting hooks. Hope you enjoyed this research as much as we did in putting it together.

These are some of our thoughts on nets to catch infected migratory birds or from those who send us small UAVs to watch our every move or to send in a biological attack on our troops.

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