Gay & Lesbian Support: Closets Are For Brooms, Not People

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Do you know someone who is gay? A friend or co-worker, a son or daughter, mother or father, brother or sister? Perhaps you suspect they might be gay but they haven't come out of the closet yet? Or maybe they are out of the closet, but are struggling to find confidence in themselves. It doesn't really matter what the situation... the important question is... are you supporting him or her? Do they know that you accept them for who they are?

If not, why not? You should tell them. It's that simple. It is all too common for a gay man or lesbian, whether they are young or old, to struggle to ACCEPT THEMSELVES. Imagine how hard that is when they aren't sure whether their loved ones accept and support them.

Being in the closet can be a horrible experience. Your life is a huge secret. The emotional, mental, and even phyiscal strains that secret causes can be extremely detrimental. Long term effects can be depression and anxiety, mental breakdowns, even suicide. The closet is no place for someone. Closets are for brooms, not people.

It's amazing how much even one small, supportive gesture from you can inspire confidence and hope in someone who is struggling with being gay. Don't underestimate how much your positive thoughts and support could mean to a gay friend or relative.

Even if they aren't struggling (at least outwardly), you can never be too supportive. Show your support directly by sending an email or a card. Indirectly, get a mug or t-shirt that shows your support. Display a rainbow (a gay pride symbol) on your car, in your home, or at your workplace. If you love them, do SOMETHING, ANYTHING!

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If someone who is gay or lesbian should have the courage to come out of the closet, you should at least have the courage to show your support. Think about it.

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