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I have come to the conclusion in my short time on this earth, that there are far to many people that ignore the most important things in life. Most certainly this happens in the gay community where almost all actions are taken to extremes.

Now don't get me wrong, some things are good when taken to extremes like tantrik sex. Although we have to keep in mind when we take it to the limit what do we miss along the way?

There once was a charming one bedroom apartment located just south of Seattle. One day the young gay man who lived there decided to take a trip out in to this gay Mecca and see what it had to offer him. However when he got there he found that his dreams of meeting a prince on a white horse, were replaced with meeting self indulgent men in white lycra. He found himself thinking what has happened, was this a society he wanted to be a part of where wet night is your one chance at finding love? In our world where time is the most prized possession, where speed dating is a major trend and there are more designer drugs than designers you have to to think whats love got to do with it?

Now those of you who are gay and reading this may be able to help me out with this one. When did hello turn in to wana fuck? When I first started going out in Seattle he thought he was a freak, because I unlike so many of my gay brethren spoke what I actually thought; right about now I know I'm losing about half of my gay readers but its true. So many of us are constantly thinking what does this make others think of me instead of remembering what does this make me think of me?

There was a time not that long ago that if two men were walking down the street holding hands that they would have been chased out of town like perverts. Not so any more, in most of the US you can be just about any sexual inclination you want. But once again in true American form we leapt to the task of taking it to the max with joyful abandonment. Now instead of looking for some knowing nod or look in the eye of another man, we look for a designer label, or a body that could only have been created by spending more time at the gym than at home. We no longer think wow I could be conversing with the man of my life right now we think, I'm talking with tonight's bed warmer. When did getting off start to mean more than hitting it off?

Travis Robinson

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