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Ten Tips for Promoting Your Website

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Well I started out with seven, Free and low cost promotional tips but somehow ended up with ten!

Owning your own website you need to promote it within a budget. For many business people and marketers alike we seem to like the low cost or Free promotion avenues.

With this in mind I have put together ten mostly Free ways or places to promote your Internet business.

Tip number one.

The Ryze Network is a Free online network of friends and business contacts where you can belong to any number of network groups. I have found that any links you have in your Ryze personal summary or business page, usually appear in search engines fairly quickly as Ryze is regarded as a high profile site by most search engines. This is a free promotion, to get your site noticed.

Tip number two.

The main purpose of Ryze is networking, being able to contact other Ryze members and adding them to your Friend or contact list. But to do this in Ryze you need to email them first to get their permission before adding them to your friends and contacts list. This can be a nightmare as usually it is almost impossible to find their email address.

Ryze members can grow their friends list way faster by including their email address in their personal message on their Free Ryze networking page.

Tip number three.

Like Ryze, ICQ provides you with a Free web page where you can include your personal information, your personal website and any Opportunities you belong to. ICQ also rates highly in search engines, so if you provide a link to your ICQ page for search engines to find and list your page. This also applies to many other online networks and communities.

The Free version of 2000b ICQ the instant messaging system can be found at

Tip number four.

This week I noticed one of my website pages, not the Index page but one I have promoted has just reappeared again in search results two days after I updated a page linking to it.

As you will know most links to pages in your site map or most pages generally use one or two words as the text hyper link. What I did was to type in the full URL as the hyper link. This is the only time I have promoted that page in over a couple of month so I am guessing that some search engines like the full URL as the hyper link.

Tip number five.

The quickest way to get your site in search engines is to list your site with Internet Directories that are relevant to your site and its content. 40% of traffic to most sites is from search engines, so get yourself listed! Search Estate, a new search engine that also offer a Free web page to add your profile and to list your Opportunities.

Tip number six.

Well my article could have been on how to obtain 3 Free web pages to promote your business. That's 3 high profile ones that I have listed so far. Do you really need your own website when you can get Free pages to promote your services?

Tip number seven.

You can also use a personalized redirect link. These personalized redirects are a great way to hide your affiliate member links. There is some good information hidden among all the hype on this site. You receive 10 redirect links, very useful when it comes to getting URL's in your email past the ISP filters. Membership is Free.

Tip number eight. Most web pages promoting affiliated member opportunities are telling the prospect to join, join, join. Where as most prospects or customers have a need for a product or want to increase their bank account.

Either way the prospect or customer is looking at your web page with a need or want in mind. So really your web page should focus on answering questions and explaining the benefits the customer will gain from using your product or from joining your Opportunity not a heap of hype about how amazingly incredible your product, or service is. Honesty is the best policy.

All opportunities should combine a quality service along with a good compensation package.

Tip number nine.

Check out the opposition and see how they are promoting their product or system. It's amazing what you can learn from them on how, why and where they are promoting. If it works for them it may well work for you too. Many times they have a similar service but use a different slant or focus for their marketing.

Remember if someone has built a highway through the Internet Jungle, one that you can benefit from. It is a waste of your time and effort finding your own way and cutting a new pathway, especially if this helpful person or company has created a highway, benchmark or marketing focus that works equally well for your product or Opportunity. But do not copy their promotional material as it may be copyrighted. Create your own.

Last but by no means least.

Tip number ten.

Always keep track of your promotions and their results.

May your promotions be very successful.


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