Industry Experts Answer the One Million-dollar Question - Why Genie Backup Manager?

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Many reasons made GBM a unanimous choice for experts, one of them is the fact that with the set of features it offers, it's definitely the easiest to use.

"Genie Backup Manager Professional has a clear, simple interface which lets you manage the application without problems and in just a few minutes," the UK's Personal Computer World (PCW) stated in its Feb 2005 review of GBM, in which it selected the application for its Highly Recommended award. "As soon as you start working with it, you'll see that behind its simple appearance lie some advanced options not found in higher-end products."

Before reviewing an assortment of products, experts usually predefine the criteria upon which they will judge the software candidates-for example, the popular Info-Packets newsletter established a 6 Point Purchasing Guide to help users search for a backup utility, namely: Ease of use, value for money, reliability, performance, depth of feature set, and research and review.

After defining those measures, Info-Packets started a search for the software that mostly combines all six of them.

"An impossible feat? Perhaps not," Info-Packets' Dennis Faas wrote in his March 2005 article. "Thankfully, my quest to find such a program ended when I came across a wonderful backup utility, called Genie Backup Manager."

Faas also praised GBM for its user-friendliness and advanced features. " Genie Backup Manager (GBM) is an all-in-one backup solution that provides easy to use, powerful features that can archive and restore personal files, documents, emails, complex Windows settings, programs, and more to virtually any local or remote device..."

Honoring GBM as its 2004 " Editors Choice: Best overall " in the review for Outstanding Windows Backup Software Programs, industry specialists Backup Software Reviews called it: "An impressively fast and full featured program with the capacity to back up the Windows Registry, Favorites, Outlook data and other system files in addition to normal email and user data."

While reviewing GBM , Backup Software Reviews concluded that when "the chips are down, you'd be happy to have this program working for you."

A similar notion was offered by Top Ten Reviews, who selected GBM as their 2005 " TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award Winner ," for being "a powerful, versatile backup tool capable of just about any backup task you can dream up. This program has more custom backup options available than any other backup software package we reviewed ."

Besides its ease of use, GBM has won all these accolades for offering an array of features that put it at par-if not at a higher level-with other top-notch applications, while being, by far, cheaper in price. "Now that's a mouthful!" Faas wrote in his review.

Such a convention was the reason behind Top Ten Reviews decision to award GBM the highest mark for "Features", as "it's packed with a lot of good options," according to PCW , while Backup Software Reviews declared in their review, "Genie has one of the most complete feature sets of any product on the market."

GBM is also heads and shoulders above the rest for supporting "nearly every backup media format," Info-Packets said; as GBM can backup "to just about every conceivable storage device," according to Backup Software Reviews. "You have tremendous data storage versatility with Genie Backup, including the ability to pick a new location for any backup ," Top Ten Reviews noted.

Genie-Soft's focus on help, support and documentation took GBM's user-experience to a different level, giving industry experts more delight as they tested the application.

"This program's help and support is as solid as the product itself," Backup Software Reviews declared, while Info-Packets admired what it described as a "top-notch help system."

"When we used Genie Backup Manager to backup Outlook Express email, a popup help menu showed us exactly how to restore the old emails from backup and how to import backed up email into Outlook Express. We appreciated these timely tips," Top Ten Reviews said. "Also, Genie Backup Manager offers a search tool to help you find topics fast. And Genie-Soft offers a complete tour of Genie Backup Manager's features."

After marveling at all of these features and bonuses, experts found out for themselves that when push comes to shove, GBM will not disappoint.

"Our backup ran smoothly and the restored data worked perfectly," Top Ten Reviews added. "In all, Genie Backup Manager took 10 minutes to compress, write, and verify 650 megabytes of data on my CD-RW disc (@ 10x speed)? I was severely impressed," I nfo-Packets' Faas wrote, while Backup Software Reviews concluded, "Genie is one of those products that feels rock solid. And that folks, is a very good quality in a backup program."

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