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Feedback For Learning Can Turn Your Team Into Winners

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Most experts agree both types; constructive and positive feedback are beneficial and important to performance improvement. However, the way the feedback and timing of it are crucially factors.


Feedback will be effective only if it is specific. General statements like " You really did a good job." Or " You didn't do that so well." Will do little to improve skills or serve as confidence builders. When providing constructive feedback, don't focus on what was done incorrectly. Here's an example of a not so effective feedback: " Your answer of the phone was too short and incomplete" This feedback identifies the problem but does not state how to correct the problem. Here is a more effective way to provide feedback: "This time try to be sure to state your company name and identify yourself to your caller. Let me give you an example?"


The intent for feedback is to give confidence and skill improvement. For feedback to be beneficial it must come immediately after the task is performed. To be effective, it must be given prior to the next time the individual performs the task.

Finally, when giving feedback, focus on a maximum of two things. It isn't realistic to think a person can focus on more than two areas to be improved. Try to select the most critical or important area to be improved. Be sure to relay how to improve rather than what the person did wrong.

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