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We live in very progressive times, one only has to look around at the changes on the internet each day to see that this is true.

We see changes also happening within the world around us as well, sometimes for the better sometimes not. We sometimes can feel frustrated in that it appears that we can do nothing to make the changes that we would like to see.

It is only through banding together that we can make our influence felt, when you look back over the history of mankind it would appear that all the significant changes came about by team effort.

>From the first groups that gathered together in caves for mutual protection against the forces of nature and the dangers of the wild, to today with groups working together to help our journeys towards the stars.

While most of us may never be going on journeys to stars, nor have to fend off the forces of nature, there are exceptions to every rule, we can find ourselves in a situation where being independent doesn't help.

It is in these times of need that we find that being part of a team and co-operating as a team with a single purpose creates a greater good.

So when we go looking for an on-line business that we can participate in, we need to look at the existing teams within that business. How well do they interact? How well do they assist newcomers?

Unless these factors are thoroughly researched one can find yourself struggling not only to work out what you should do to work this business, but can actually find that others may be negatively impacting the way we work.

Now I know that it is easy to say find a group to work with, however not all personalities can work well together and so you not only need a good program, you need people that you are comfortable to work with and that you get along with.

This all takes time which is a significant reason why nearly every GET-RICH-QUICK scheme fails, this type of program is an individual domain not a team effort. It is only in the team oriented system that true value is placed on individuals and their worth to the team as an integral part of a well oiled machine.

Our planet requires this team effort as well, it is no good trying to do things by yourself. You need like minded individuals to create significant change. Although a single spokesperson may be associated with an event it is the team that is behind that person that achieved any of the successes.

I am not taking away from the individual, some are born entrepreneurs and if you can find one who is willing to mentor you then by all means latch onto their coat tails, I am sure that journey will be worthwhile.

However if you were to remove the team behind the one I can say without any fear that the results would be thousands of times less then with them.

So being part of a team is really a pre-requisite for a successful business on the internet, but how do you find that team? How will you start? What do you need to do?

The first step is to work out if there is an existing program that already has a team in place and whether this group meets your expectations of what you want to do.

If not move on find one that does, now I am not suggesting that you jump from one idea to another not at all, do your homework on the program prior to joining, talk with those already involved, find out what makes them and this particular program tick.

Once you are satisfied make a commitment to stay with this program for a sufficient amount of time to give it a fair go, we are not talking weeks or months here but a long term commitment of at least 12 to 36 months.

This is the only way that you will establish your own niche in any program.

The next step and I am sure that you have heard this many times before, start to build your own list of people to share with, people that can like yourself become part of your team.

There are many ways that you can go about building your lists, and being a newbie myself I am still learning, however one very good method that I have found is by having my own newsletter.

You can build a list using this method within a few months from 10 or 12 to over 400. In time you can build this list into the 1000's that you see others creating.

One thing I will mention here if you do go this path, you must have something of value to offer your subscribers, so that they will keep coming back to hear what you have to say in your newsletter/ezine.

Other methods of creating opt-in lists are in creating reports or eCourses and offering these free to anyone that wants them, of course you need to make sure that they have a perceived value or else you will not have any one join.

You could also create capture pages and offer a something of value for your subscribers name and email address, this works well but I have found that the other methods are superior in my own experience.

Another way is to do this what I am doing now write an article about something that you know about and submit it along with your resource box, the part in your message that contains the details of your own business.

eZine and Newsletter editors are constantly looking for new articles that are of value to their subscribers and could supplement what they are doing on the internet, it is this cross sharing that can also help build your opt-in list.

Especially if what you have written is helpful to others, one thing that sticks in my mind is a saying "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."--Zig Ziglar--

This is so true, in fact you can virtually guarantee that if you help sufficient people along the way you too will grow in your business acumen.

So go out there and find your Team to work with, begin creating your list and create and share your wealth, whether that is in the form of money or knowledge.

About The Author

Ray Cooney has been involved in on-line marketing for over five years now. He has worked in many areas of the IT arena and is currently part of the administration for the Permaworld Foundation.

He also publishes his own newsletter to assist people in their on-line marketing efforts.

He is also a supporter of the Feeding Kids Organisation through the promotion of the PermaSHARE Program.

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