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Dont be a Square - 5 Strategies to Get Circular With Those Links

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One Way Links from High Page Rank Pages are Your Ticket to the Top of the Page Rank Leader Board. Circular Links is a Win:Win:Win where everyone gets Links yet Everyone gets One Way back Links.

3 Different Link Strategies

  • Reciprocal Linking is Where You link to a Link Partner and The Link Partner then Returns the Link to You.
  • One way back Links is where a Link Partner Links to You, But you don't Link Back to the Link Partner
  • Circular Links is where You link to Link Partner A, and Link Partner A links to Link Partner B and then Link Partner B Links back to You. Everyone Gives a Link. But the Best part is Everyone Gets a one way Back Link.
  • Here are 5 Different Circular Link Strategies any Webmaster can use to get lot's of Circular Links with many Link Partners.

    1 - Multiple Web Site Strategy Circular Link Strategy

    If you own or operate multiple web sites you can offer a Link Partner a link from a web site of their choice that you own or operate in return for a link back to a different Web site of your choice that you own or operate.

    2 - With a Little Help from My Friends Circular Link Strategy

    You can offer a Link Partner a Link from your friends Web Site in return for a link back to your Web Site. You of course would then Link to Your Friend Completing the Circular Link

    3 - Circle with Yourself Circular Link Strategy

    If you happen to own or Operate 3 or more Web Sites why not set up Circular Links between your Web Sites. This Strategy works best when the Web Sites are on Different Servers or with Different Hosts

    4 - Circle those Blogs Circular Link Strategy

    Set up Multiple Free Blogs on different Blog servers and then Build Circular links Between your Blogs. At the Same Time you can build Circular Links between your Blogs and Your Web Page

    5- Let's All Join Hands Circular Link Strategy

    Who said you need a Circle of only 3. You can Do Circles with as Many web Pages as you Like. Thinks of this as Web Ring of Links.

    • Link Partner 1 Would Link to Link Partner 2
    • Link Partner 2 Would Link to Link Partner 3
    • Link Partner 3 Would Link to Link PArtner 4
    • .....
    • The Last Link Partner would Link back to 1

    By Using the above 5 Strategies it should be Fairly simple to set up circular links with many Link Partners and explode your Search Engine Rankings and web site Traffic.

    Mike Makler has been Marketing Online Since 2001, When he built his first Sales organization of over 100,000 Members.

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