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Effective & In-effective Ways To Add Banners:

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Do you have your own site? Do you have any banners on your site?

Banners are everywhere, the internet is full of them all over the place. So the question is, how do you ad a banner that receives a lot of clicks?

- By not placing it with 20 other banners

- By adding your banner everywhere you can

- By adding more content!

The last one is the key. Anyone can just simply add a banner and hope that it generates revenue but if you add content to with your banner. You'll be giving your visitors a benefit by clicking on the banner. Doing this will bring you better results.

For example:

Here's an imaginary banner for X services.

This is what it should look like! ------------------------------------------------------

X Services: Never leave home without it!

Were happy to bring you this wonderful resource

because it was an instrumental reason for our success!

X Services helped us to manage our content more

swiftly and with ease. Our production time was cut in

1/2 and we saved a lot of money on labor.

You won't be disappointed and learning more won't cost

you a penny!!!


| |

| X Services - Click Me For More Information |

| |


------------------------------------------------------ Now if you follow that example, you'll notice I listed all the benefits as to why someone would want to click on that banner. I DID NOT list the features. People don't relate to features they act on impulse and emotions.

What I recommend is try out a few examples like the one I just showed you. Ask your friends which examples are better and which made them think about clicking on the banner.

I myself don't take part in banners on my site all that often. I find it takes away from my design and what I'm trying to accomplish.

What I will take part in is smaller, easier to use banners that don't take up the whole width of the page. This allows me to compliment the banner with text right beside it.

Here's an example of what I mean: ------------------------------------------------------


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