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How To Explode Your Web Sites Traffic With Articles Permanently!

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There is one golden rule, which is inherent in this free and extremely effective internet marketing strategy. First GIVE, and then TAKE. It's as simple as that. Especially if it's done properly the results could be tremendous. You provide valuable information regarding to your special field of knowledge but before that you must start a specific process.

What is that process? First focus on what you now best. Write what inspires and motivates you. If you are an artist, for instance share a tip or secret that your readers will not find it anywhere else. Then you will become valuable and an expert to your readers. Your article could be placed to many ezines, article directories, article announcement lists. There are thousands resources on the internet. Imagine if it's posted to 5 ezines of 10.000 subscribers. That's an amazing free exposure.

In time, you will start gaining credibility and trust, which leads to sales. No one is going to give you money unless you overcome his doubts, fear of deceit or fear of a wrong choice.

However, that's not only the case. Search engines will index the pages containing your articles. That means huge link popularity and top ranking in the search engines game. Therefore, you will have traffic from the articles and the search engines too. All this free!

Many people claim that they are not writers. They can't write. If you can talk, you CAN write. You don't have to go for literature price, your intention is to inform ordinary people who talk and act everyday like you and me.

Research a topic you know very well. Start writing down your ideas and points and focus on your strongest point. Around that strong point, you will create your headline. It must be a killer title, for example start with the phrase "How to..." Next place sub headings to each point you have written. You have already created the structure of your article! Don't make the mistake of editing at first. Just write every idea you have coming. You can edit it later in the end.

Then start writing the first paragraph. Always have clear solutions and conclusions in any paragraph. Keep your sentences short and the paragraphs too. Lengthy text is tiring and people don't have much time. Keep your article between 500-1000 words. These are the standards today. Then follow the publisher's guidelines, do not extemporize.

Use your signature line the publisher permits you to do. It shouldn't be more than 4-6 lines of your bio. Finally revise your article for grammar mistakes and typos. Check it and recheck it again using your spell checker and with more tools if you have. Typos make you amateur and unprofessional. You should keep your lines to 60-65 characters. That's what ezines accept.

Here are some of the best-checked article directories you can find on the net. You can submit your article there and have free exposure for your web site. They have big page rank and great alexa ranking.

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      Excellent tools you can use as a writer are the above:

    • dictionary toolbar:
    • Spell checker:
    • Acronym finder:
    • Thesaurus:
    • Another dictionary:
    • Excellent free text editor:
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