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Theres More Than One Way To Carve This Turkey

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Although this may sound like a funny metaphor, if you try to focus on the possibilities as they apply to writing a story, an article, a report or almost anything, I think you may gain some helpful insight into your particular approach to this passionate profession.

Below are five strategies I consider to be realistic techniques for writers preparing to work on slicing up a wild fowl or that mania called "your writing."

Attack it like you're one of the castaways from "Gilligan's Island," who has not enjoyed a real meal in years...

Treat it like an expensive entree that requires each bite to be savored in order to thoroughly appreciate the exquisite taste...

View it as just another dinner to be eaten routinely in the same manner as the leftovers from last night...

Think of it as a challenge to be conquered using your utmost concentration and deserving of your full attention at each sitting...

Develop a plan based upon your need to master it as an entirely new project every time you dine...

As with all writing advice, the best advice I've been given goes something like this...

"Follow your heart"

"Write what you know"

"Find your own voice"

"Develop your own style"

"Write from within"

"Write with feeling"

"Just write"

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