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Writing Ezine Articles - 4 Reasons Why You Should Do It

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Anyone who's been in the business for 2 or 3 months certainly has a lot of information that he or she can share with others, especially newbies. So why don't you take advantage of it?

Here are the 4 reasons why YOU too should start writing articles in Ezines to attract more visitors to your website:

1. It's FREE!

Do you know that most of Ezine publishers don't write their own articles? Most of them are always searching for good articles to be published in their Ezines! That means, you can submit your articles for FREE.

2. You can reach TARGETED people

It's easy to attract as many people as possible to your website. The problem is, eventhough you have thousands of visitors (or even more), you still can't increase your profit! Why? Because no one purchase your products/ services. Why? Because they are simply not interested in your business offer! Why? Because you don't have targeted visitors! So, end your effort to bring just as many people as possible to your website. Instead, concentrate on how to bring targeted visitors! By writing articles in ezines, you will certainly reach targeted people. For instance, submit articles to Health Ezines in order to expect new members to your health therapy class.

3. The more articles you write, the more credibility you gain

Yes, people would think of you as an expert in your field! Think of the positive effect of this phsycological factor. This would certainly make them 'comfortable' to make business deals with you!

4. The more articles you write, the bigger the opportunity for you to get well posted on search engines

So, start writing articles! Choose the topics that you master. Remember to always make archives of your articles. Who knows, maybe later on you could make an eBook from those articles!

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