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Some Simple Sure-fire Strategies to Construct a Responsive Opt in List!

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A responsive opt in list is an unbelievably powerful money-maker on the internet. With responsive opt in list you can guarantee yourself a steady income. A responsive opt in list will make money through you advertising other people's products, through affiliate sales and of course through sales of your own. However, responsive opt in lists are not found commonly on the internet, primarily because owners of opt in lists do not put the time into building strong relationships with their list members. Strong relationships with your list members are essential because they will begin to trust you and will seriously consider what you have to say. Other webmasters will notice the great response rate of your list and will beg to be able to advertise with a solo mailing. Of course if your list is in high demand for advertising, you can push the price of ad space up, which will lead to additional profits. Here are some great ways to build great relationships with your list members without you spending hours of your time.

-- When you capture list members' email addresses be sure to capture their first name too. This way you will be able to personalise all your messages with your list member's name. Not only will this increase the chance of your list member reading the message, it will also make him or her feel like they are being addressed personally. No one likes to be the recipient of a bulk email, so write the email as if you are talking to one person in a conversational style. This will make each and every one of your list members feel like the email is for their reading and no one else's.

-- By using the power of autoresponders send a free 7 day course on whatever your internet business is based around. A good free autoresponder can be found at You can be sure that your list members will be interested in what your course has to offer, and if your course is helpful and well written then they will acknowledge you as an expert in your field and will put trust in you. If you haven't the time to write your own course, there are plenty of prewritten courses which you can use as your own for free.

-- Give your list members random free downloads and special gifts. Surprise gifts are a great way to quickly get on the good side of your list members. Make sure the gifts are relevant to the subject of your website otherwise you can't be sure that your list members will be interested in them. If the downloads are good then your list members will never opt out (remove themselves from your list), and they will get to know that all the products that you offer them are worthwhile and useful.

-- Make your list members feel like they are unique and not just another member on your list. This is a very simple technique that you can use to make members on your list extremely happy and responsive. For example, you could take statistics from your site and tell the 1000th list member that they were the 1000th sign up to your list and then you could give them a free bonus. You could use all kinds of statistics like: 100th download, top downloader, top purchaser etc? This will make these individuals feel extremely pleased and will become extremely responsive.

-- Be careful about the types of products you recommend. Although you may be tempted to advertise the product which gives 75% commission this may not be the best product for the people on your list and this should always be your top priority. Be sure to try products yourself before you recommend them so that you know they are very useful and work properly. If you recommend a steady stream of good, useful products to your list members then they will recognise this and will trust you more. The same goes for selling ad space in your emails. Make sure they are relevant ads and that anyone who clicks on them will not be disappointed.

Just remember that your list members are real people and not just email addresses that don't have thoughts and opinions. Long and good relationships with your opt in list members will lead them to become responsive and will mean more profits for you.

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