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An Overlooked Fr~e Advertising Opportunity

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When you have an online business you need to utilize every possible avenue of advertising and promotion. As I sign up for more ezines and discussion groups, I am finding numerous publishers are overlooking a very effective and fr~e advertising opportunity.

After I sign up for an ezine or email discussion group, I await the welcome letter for guidelines and to learn a bit more about the ezine/website/webmaster. Too often all I get in the welcome letter is the standard default letter. No personal welcome, no introductions, no links to check out and no email.

This disappoints me as I always like to check out the sites of the people I am signing up with. It almost makes me want to unsubscribe.......almost. ;-) But I know that some publishers may just not know that you can take advantage of this advertising opportunity. I also didn't know of such opportunity when I was first starting.

So, by writing this article, I hope to make publishers and listowners aware of this fr~e advertising.

Whether you use Yahoogroups, Topica or a list manager that you have purchased, you can change the welcome message. Personalize it by introducing yourself and letting the subscriber know about your website/business.

  • Inform them of any specials you might have.
  • Tell them your advertising rates and add a testimonial.
  • Invite them to your site to utilize the fr~e resources.
  • Let them know your email so they can contact you.
  • Use some of the space for ad swapping with other publishers and their welcome letters.
  • Add an affiliate product or program review.
    • There are numerous things you can promote with your welcome letter. Also, do not overlook your goodbye letter. You have one last chance to get this person back. Make it a good one. ;-)

      I also have a little message in my goodbye letter that encourages people to let me know why they unsubbed.


      Thank you for being a subscriber to My Own Ezine. I am sorry to see you go. If you could take a minute to let me know why you unsubbed, I would appreciate it. Please drop a quick note to Thank you.

      You might learn ways to improve your ezine by asking former subs this question. Of course, they do not all answer, but a good many do! Always reply to them with a short but appreciative thank you note!

      I also promote many of the same things as I do with my welcome letter. By doing this you just might get this person to think........"Maybe I will take one last look and see what they have."

      In this business, you have to utilize every opportunity possible and this FR~E advertising could turn out to be a golden one!

      Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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