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This content is a collection of article, news and information compiled by PointShop.com.  PointShop and it’s family of websites are some of the top e-commerce sites on the Internet.  PointShop.com builds and hosts technology solutions for companies looking to be more than “A Billboard in the Desert”.  While PointShop fully believes in the power of the BLOG, we also felt that a resource for content and valuable articles was needed on the Internet. 

We allow people to submit articles and resources to us for publication on this website. Human content managers review every article.  We do not review articles for correctness, we are likely not versed enough in every topic to insure that the information in 100% accurate.  We do check for obvious fraud, misinformation and people just looking to publish non-sense on our website.  

This content is linked from our search engines, catalog pages and product pages.  For example, if someone is looking for Acne products, you will find links to our Acne articles. If you would like to submit articles to this library, click here. We will give you credit and actually allow you to link the article to your BLOG, website or resume.  

About PointShop – Since 1997 we have been developing ecommerce and content publishing system. The BBB has never received a complaint about PointShop.com / PointShop Inc.