7 Ways To Make You Feel Good Instantly!

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How are you feeling now?

The answer to this question determines how much money you will make, how big your house will be, how beautiful your car will be, how well you will manage your relations, it determines every aspect of your life.


I am glad you are asking why, because knowing why is going to be your first step to higher level of awareness. Once you know why, you will begin your journey of conscious manifestation, or deliberate creation.

Let me tell you the best kept secret of all ages.


How you are feeling determines how you are vibrating, determines how you are attracting, and determines how you are creating.

What you feel, you create.

This may not be good news for you if you are not creating what you want.

We are vibrating human being, living in a vibrating universe. Everything is vibrating. If you are not attracting what you want, that's because you are not vibrating at the same level of vibration as your desires are.

How do you know whether you are vibrating at the right level of vibration?

God has created an accurate monitoring system within us that will tell us exactly how we are vibrating. That is our emotional mechanism. When you are feeling good, you are crating what you want, when you are feeling bad, you are creating what you don't want. It is as simple as that.

So we have only one thing to do, that is to keep ourselves feeling good.

Remember this if you forget everything I say - "Nothing is more important than feeling good."

I am now giving you 7 ways to make you feel good instantly.

1). Use your facial muscle.

Face is the most undeveloped areas on our body. We only use less than ten percent of the expressions that our face can make. Use your face muscle; you can immediately change your feeling. Put a smile on your face for 60 seconds; see how much better you will feel. Do this three times a day until it becomes a habit.

2). Cut down the negative influence.

How much time do you spend on TV and newspaper? What are they talking about most of the time? 80% of the news is negative. We have focused too much on the problem instead of solution. You don't help the world much by watching and reading the news, you only add more negative vibration to the problem and make it even worse. If you really want to help, raise your vibration by making yourself feel better. You can only help when you are vibrating at a higher level. Remember this metaphor, "Darkness will disappear immediately when you turn on the light." Light is a higher level of vibration.

So stop watching TV and stop reading the newspaper. Experiment with this for a week, see how you've instantly raised you vibration.

3). Feed your mind with positive f mental food.

Read inspirational books, study life of spiritual people. The higher form of vibration is embedded in the words, it will resonate your mind once you are ready. Make it a habit to read at least 15 minutes before you retire at night.

4). Listen to inspirational music.

Music itself is a form of vibration. People have discovered ways to use music as a method of therapy, this is because music can restore peace and bring back order through vibration. Music will work like a charm if it is embedded with subliminal messages. Think about it, what a wonderful idea when you enjoy listening to a beautiful music, and someone is whispering to your subconscious mind with all the positive messages. The best program of this kind I have found is a program called "Make every day a great day". Listen to it 30 minutes a day, you will immediately raise your level of vibration. You can check out this program at

5). 17 seconds of flip switch.

I have talked about flip switch several times in my previous articles. I really want you to get this. Because this is the most important skill you can learn. Unlike any other techniques that make you feel motivated for a moment, and then you quickly go back to your comfort zone. Flip switch is to make you feel a little bit better at the moment. This is critical. It makes you feel a little bit better, but it stops the process of accumulating negative emotions. You do this by holding a positive feeling for 17 seconds. Yes, 17 seconds of feeling good will immediately cancel out all the negative emotions your previously accumulated. This is powerful stuff. I want you really put it into practice. Flip switch any time you feel worry, fear, and anger. I learn this wonderful technique from the legendary peak performance expert Dr Robert Anthony. Check out his program here

6). Reach to the thought that feels the best.

This is also a technique that Dr Robert Anthony reveals in his program. I find it works extremely well. Any time you feel down, say this to your self "Reach for the thought that feels the best." This is always the best thing you ca do under any circumstances. If you can constantly reach to the thought that feels the best. You will quickly increase your level of awareness, and reach to the ultimate enlightenment.

Here is an important point that I have discovered, and you must be aware of it. Don't expect to feel immediately excited when you first use this technique. That will rarely happen. Let me take an example of jumping, if you currently can jump a height of 1 meter, you can't expect to immediately reach to 2 meters. You can only increase your height a little bit higher, and you do this little by little, in the end you will reach to the highest level. So "reach to the thought that feels the best" doest not mean you must feel immediately excited. It just means the highest vibration what you can feel now.

7). Send out your love.

There is no force stronger than love. In my opinion, love is the highest vibration. The more love you send out, and the more love will come back to you. Love everything, Love your friends, love your enemies. Love the world. Look at the sky, and say I love you "God". Acknowledge the divine spirit within yourself, and say I love myself. You shall immediately raise your vibration.

I send you love.

song chengxiang

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