8 Powerful Tips to a Magnificent Life

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Tip #1. Find your purpose. Finding one's purpose is the key to having a happy and successful life. It all starts here. Find what you are passionate about. Find what you enjoy doing. Find a way to make a living doing it.

Tip #2. Create a definite purpose. It's not enough to say 'I like to help others'. You must think of exactly HOW you can help others. What do you like to help them do? Be as specific as possible.

Tip #3. Write out your goals. Now that you are specific about what you wish to do, write it down. Statistics shows that goals which are written down are more likely to be accomplished. And here's an additional tip, write them down in the present tense.

Tip #4. Imagine your goals already accomplished. This is the fun part. Spend time imagining yourself already accomplishing the goals you wish to accomplish. If you want that dream home, visualize yourself living in it. If you want that new position, imagine yourself already in it. If you want more money, imagine yourself already spending it.

Tip #5. Get excited. That's right. Get excited about this magnificent life you are living. Get excited about that raise, new position, your ability to help others, that new car, the book you have completed, you having the lead article in a major magazine. Get excited as if it has already happened in your life.

Tip #6. Have Faith. That's right. Have faith that you will accomplish all of the things you desire and will, very soon, be living that magnificent life. There is no room for doubt. Do not, in any way, allow doubt or negativity to creep into your thoughts. Guard your thoughts and have faith.

Tip #7. Get out of the way. That's right-get out of the way. Don't be YOU about. Trust that God is in control and is making things work behind the scenes. Just keep focusing on the end results-what you are going to accomplish.

Tip #8-Take action. When you get the urge to do something-do it. Take action. Don't just talk about it, be about it.

Follow these 8 tips and in no time at all you will be living the magnificent life that you have always desired and deserve.

Dawn Fields is a motivational speaker, author and life coach who teaches how to discover your life's purpose and incorporate it into a lucrative career. Visit her web site at and be sure to sign up for Your Life's Purpose newsletter by sending a blank email to Tune in Thursday nights at 9 p.m. to her live radio broadcast at

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