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Have you been struggling with making ends meet? Are you tired of not having enough? Then I am sure you will benefit enormously by reading on...

A few months ago, I came across a book that really impacted my life in a very profound way. I have been an avid reader of self-help, personal growth books, tapes, workshops... you name it, I've done most of them. I am truly commited to my self-awareness and self-improvement. But for some reason ( or higher source) this book especially spoke to me, to my soul.

What attracted me to it, other than the wise words, was that it was written by a woman. But what most impressed me was that she wrote these increadibly eye-opening concepts 100 years ago! I just couldn't believe that under such limiting circumstances (married at 14, divorced mother of two by 20, working single mom and without the right to even vote!) she was able to pull herself up and build a loving family (re-married), start a very successful business and tour the country as a lecturer, teacher, and healer.

So, through her difficult experiences she has left us a true understanding of what life is really about: loving, healing, sharing, teaching, embracing, acceptance, living in spiritual abundance, and yes, wealth.

From her writings I have come to understand the true meaning of "wealth". I hope you enjoy and embrace her words into your own life.

"This was really the beginning of my 'demostration? over poverty. I told you how I threw off even the burden of my debts, and said: 'if God wanted them paid he could send the money.' Now I saw he did want them paid and meant to send the money as fast as I attracted it.

Then I set to work with good will to understand the law of wealth and live it! I meant to make of myself a magnet which should draw gold and silver and greenbacks, instead of steel fillings. I meant to let the spirit of me (God), lead me into the ways of wealth - out of the ways of poverty into the ways of plenty and peace and pleasantness.

I had been years making a healthy woman of myself, now I meant to charge myself with real dynamic power for attracting money. I meant to be so right with the kingdom of Good that good money would not only follow me but catch up with me.

I went filling myself up on I-shall-be-wealthy statements. I could see no results, but I kept at it. For hours a day, whilst busy at all sorts of work, I poured in those future tense statements. I kept it up for months inspite of the fact that I could see little results if any. I could have kept my soul and body together on the money I took in, but there were other souls and bodies to be kept, and still those old ends that would not quite meet, even yet.

Then suddenly it came to me one day that I was putting off my wealth to some future time. I must claim wealth NOW. Then I began to say, I AM wealth - I AM. I said it actually millions of times. And I tried to imagine it true, and to live up to it. When I had not money enough to buy a thing needed I consoled myself by calling it mine anyhow - as we used to do when we were children. When we needed something and I did have the dollar for it I imagined that dollar as one of a boundless store, and I spent it willingly, smilingly. I blessed it and bade it good-speed. I took infinite pains to get into the wealthy attitiude of mind over the spending of every five cent piece that went through my purse. You see, I used to squeeze every nickel and hate to part with it, because I saw 100 places where it 'ought' to go. Now I was taking great pains to spend as the truly wealthy spend, with that sense of plenty always in reserve."

I have been in this same mind-set many, many times. And I suspect many of you have as well. So when I started to read this book and to practice what the author did herself, I began to see the same results for myself. Now, when I find myself having "poverty thoughts" I go back and re-read this chapter. Her book sits on my nightstand because I always go back to it!

So if you have been in this position and would like to read more about this author and her eye-opening concepts and practices please visit us at: where you can learn more about her life and let her be your mentor too!

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If you would like to read more about this amazing author and her concepts and practical advice, please visit us at: Sign-up for our free mini-course, I know you will enjoy it and benefit from it.

To your ever growing success,

Romy Macias

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