I?ll Believe It When I See It

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I was working with this guy who wanted to live his life's purpose. He wanted to be a singer but was presently working as a mail clerk at a law firm. He didn't make much money on this job and he had a lot of beliefs that let me know, right from the start, that he was going to be a challenge.

He was very close-minded.

Generally, as a rule, I don't like to work with people who are closed-minded and have a hard time believing in themselves. But he was different. Not that he wasn't closed-minded, but the thing was that he was very talented. I once over heard him singing and couldn't believe the incredible voice he had and so I approached him and asked him if he had any music on CD that I could purchase and listen to. He smiled and said that he didn't actually sing. (He could have fooled me.) It was just something that he liked to do. He felt he had a nice voice, but he wasn't doing anything with his voice, other than singing whenever the feeling hit him. Most of the time he sang in the shower where no one could hear him except himself--and perhaps his upstairs or downstairs neighbors in his building.

I was saddened by this confession. I am one who believes that when God gives us a talent or a gift, we are not suppose to hide it under a bushel but share it with the world.

I told him I was a coach and that I help people discover and live their life's purpose. I believed we had already discovered his gift-his voice. But I was willing to help him live his life's purpose by showing him ways that he could make a living with his voice.

He laughed at me originally, and told me that singing wasn't a real career. He said that although there were people making money with their voice, he didn't believe he could do it. He wasn't happy working as a mail clerk, but he did make enough money to pay his bills although he always seemed to be struggling to make it from one paycheck to the other.

I met with him one day and gave him a breakdown of exactly what he could do to begin making money with his beautiful voice. He was excited. He took my information and promised to keep me informed.

Weeks passed and I hadn't heard anything from him so I called him to find out how he was doing with his new career as a singer. A little embarrassed he told me that he hadn't done anything that I had suggested. Without any real explanation, he just sort of said that he didn't believe that others would like his voice and didn't think he could really make any money singing.

I walked away that day feeling a little defeated. I know in my heart of hearts, that this young man has an exceptional talent that God didn't give to him to keep to himself. I felt so strongly about this that, and knowing his financial situation, I offered to coach him for free. But he declined the offer, stating that I would be wasting my time because he just couldn't see himself as a singer or having the belief that anyone would pay him money to sing.

This is the problem that most people have-they have a hard time believing that anyone would pay them for their talents or their gifts. They simply can't visualize it happening. When others comment on their talent, they become embarrassed and doubt themselves even more. They walk around believing that no one would be interested in their talent. They won't believe it unless they see it happening. They stick by their belief that they will "believe it when they see it."

The truth of the matter is, it works the total opposite of that. Instead of believing it when you see it, you must see it FIRST and believe it, before it manifests into your life.

All this young man had to do to get out of his present situation and get into the situation of his dreams is to "dream." Visualize his dreams. See them happening as if they have already happened. See it. And then, believe, with all his heart that it WILL happen. Believe it. And it will happen.

I guess seeing is believing-even if you are not seeing it in your every day life situation. But the "magic" of manifesting your dreams is "seeing" with your third eye, and God will manifest your desires right before your eyes.

ACTION POINT: I've stated many times that you should visualize yourself living the life that you desire to live. But don't just visualize it, BELIEVE IT. Believe that you CAN live that life and you WILL live that life. It's as simple as that. "Whatever you ask for and believe, it shall be given unto you."

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