Letting Go and Trusting The Universe

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One of the most important things in Wealth Creation is not so much in cracking our head trying to come up with the next million dollar idea or get rich quick scheme.

The most important thing which is one of the greatest obstacle for most people is Letting Go.

Human beings have been conditioned in such a way that they think they have to figure out everything themselves.

For example, most people believe that in order to become rich or earn more money, you have to work hard.

To some extent, putting our committment and dedication into our job is important, but that is a difference between enjoying what we do and 'working hard'.

If you do something you like, then literally there is no issue of 'hard'.

Secondly, the Universe is Abundant. A lot of people have problems accepting and understanding that.

Most people have a mindset of Lack and Scarcity. I was a victim myself, until I discovered about Abundance from the Wealth Beyond Reason program.

It could be the past programming from our Ancestors, when as caveman we had to hunt and fight for food. Certain factors and behaviours have not changed even despite the progress, development and modernization humankind has gone throught.

Things such as greed, fear, will always remain no matter how the world change.

Anyway, coming back to the Wealth Beyond Program, it has really helped me changed and shift my beliefs around Wealth Creation, opening up my mind and soul to the concept of Abundance, and introducing me to the powerful Universal law, the Law of Attraction.

To conclude, creating wealth is not so much in working harder but rather, to remove the barriers and resistance within us so that we can RECEIVE what we asked for to come.

What we desire can be manifested in many ways, even though our mind and brain might not be able to come up with anything or only a few ways. The Universe, after all, is Abundant.

Brandon Hong

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Brandon is Law of Attraction Trainer and supports individuals in learning and applying Law of Attraction so that they can have more of what they want and lead a happier, fuller and more abundant lives.

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