Reminiscing About Your Past Can Stimulate Your Future

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Have you ever thought much about how some of your past experiences and talents influenced how your life turned out? I sure have and I've found it not only interesting but valuable, too. Whatever the case, I believe we can all find value in reminiscing about our past.

Here's why. If you are not totally satisfied with the way your lifeis going today, no matter what age you are, I believe reminiscing about the past could provide some clues for improving it.

Let me give explain what I mean. There could be certain talents you had in the past that you no longer use anymore. Could restoring some of them be of value to you now? Think about that seriously. Are you missing out on something in your life today that by using some past talents you couldimprove your lifestyle? Maybe you could even solve a persistant problem you are having in your life.

Let's review for a moment and see if this joggles your memory:

* What was your profession and how successful were you?

* Did you have any unique talents?

* Were you good at solving problems?

* Were you a good negotiator?

* Were you a team leader?

* Did you have a positive attitude most of the time?

I could go on and on but just let me encourage you to brainstorm about your past. You may have even forgotten about some of you past talents for the moment. It sure happened to me about a year ago.

Here's my story:

I'd been on the internet for years trying to develop an online business without success. One day I saw an ad about a free teleseminar on how to author an ebook. I signed up for it and it excited me about the possibility that I may have the talent to become a published author.

After a personal discussion with the seminar leader I was excited enough to sign up for the entire course. Within a few months I published my ebook directed to senior citzens. Because of this my life has become more exciting and offered me new challenges that stimulate me.

My purpose in writing the ebook, hopefully, will help senior citizens realize that age is no barrier for excelling in life. If they will just follow my directions they can improve their lifestyle dramatically just as I have done.

Now you may be wondering what does my story have to do with reminiscing about the past an then applying talents in the future? Well you see as a past sales supervisor I trained sales persons to develop their territories. I taught them how to set goals and achieve them. I enjoyed watching them excel, too. I also learned why people didn't excel.

I missed doing this when I finally retired. So when the idea of writing an ebook came about I needed to think of not only a subject but alsoa market for it. Click! Click! It soon became obvious that here was a chance to use my talents once more to help others become more successful in life.

Since I was a senior myself with many challenges, why not share my experiences with other seniors. Teach them how I overcame obstacles,and created a new and exciting life for myself. Now my mission was fulfilled once again. What I loved to do in the past came full circle once again.

Give me a chance to help you create more purpose in your life today. Let me help you enjoy your "golden years even more. Get a Free preview of my ebook now by going to: I guarantee you will be glad you did.

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Sonny Julius is a 74 year old retired sales supervisor, Prior to his sales career he spent 30 years in the family florist business. Becoming dissatisfied with that business he decided it was time to leave it and pursue a sales career. His interest in the internet eventually led him to write an ebook geared to senior citizens. The ebook is a guide for living the senior lifestyle.

In addition he offers a Free 20-minute no obligation phone coaching session to anyone interested in enhancing his or her present lifestyle. Email for more information:

Sonny Julius, President of S A & Associates, is devoted to teaching senior citizens "How To Have The Time Of Their Life For The Rest Of Their Life" For more information go to:

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