Secrets Of Energy

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Lotus dakini gathers energy.
When wanting and grasping hold sway
The dakini has you in her power.
Wanting nothing from outside, taking things as they come,
Know the dakini to be your own mind.
The essence of mind is knowing
Know that the lotus is the non-thought of freedom from attachment
And the lotus dakini gathers energy.

Everybody wants energy to go an extra mile. All the physical manifestation is the display of energy and all the fight in the world is for energy. But where do we loose the energy?

Energy leaks through attachments. It's when we get attached to our own rigid frame of ideas of what life should be, as if the source of our happiness and prosperity depends on ideas which has possessed us. But the source of energy and happiness is consciousness and its complete exposure happens only when you are ready to detach yourself from the narrow perceptions of mass hypnosis (content of mind or thought/world).

Life is not a fixed set of ideas but an ever moving river and its worth can be explored with complete emptiness /dilution of individuality and it reveals its beauty. Find the flow and follow it. You can't go wrong. Even if you're in a situation where you feel uncomfortable or out of place, don't try to swim against the current. Change direction.

Find the flow and follow it. Moving with the flow of life gives one supreme confidence because you know there's a Power greater than I, a natural rhythm to things that is a force beyond your own. You trust it and believe that no matter what, you will be okay. You will know for sure that that is the ultimate in confidence. You will know that you are more than your personality, your body, and your image. Life unfolds giving you supreme confidence when you have highest detachment from all the concepts of what it should be and you remain open to the vast mysteries of unfolding life. In the process, you build up the energy since earlier the energy which was lost in the fight/resistance is reserved. This reserved energy creates higher level of perception taking you on even higher level of existence. When the mind establishes itself in the state of detachment, what remains is a process which builds up energy without leakage. The more loose and natural you are about the world and its affairs; greater will be your energy content. It's not the involvement in the world but it's attachment to your own fixed ideas which is the source of energy loss. When you loose energy, you get typically involved in the vicious cycle of fighting for energy in the outside world as if it exists in the outside world. In general whatever creates conflict is wrong, whatever establishes flow is right. Begin the search of flow every moment and let go of all that creates resistance however dear it may be or whatever apparent loss it seems to generate.

Let go of all your attention from all such areas of your life which at present are creating resistance/conflict and focus all your attention which creates flow. This will lead your life in a direction which will create confidence in you. This is the secret of energy. Master it, and you will never run short of energy.

Source of energy is not a person or circumstances; it's contact with your self which deeper than ordinary. Whatever touches your soul (work, relationship, purpose, love etc. ) releases energy. Key word is search for natural and loose ways of doing the things or existing and you will find a supreme confidence in any given situation. Master this art of flowing by letting go, blessing all and enriching not only your own life but others too.

Energy content can go up when you are not distracted by petty concerns of life trusting that all the answers that you need in future will be available then and there. All you do is bring your attention in here and now and learn to exist with perfection in the now. You do not run after anything, you just trust and enjoy, this takes you close to consciousness which is the source of energy. Gaining energy is more a matter of dropping/ shading a lot of baggage which we unconsciously assume to be important. Nothing is as important other than dropping all what we consider to be important and living in here and now with perfect peace.

The command over your energy is a byproduct of living without any compulsions, living naturally in the feeling that you are protected eternally and you can live without being tightly concerned about yourself and still be taken care of. Establish your consciousness in the trust that you are taken care of without your intervention; you will be protected from the petty concerns of mind.

Author: Santosh Kunte ?Mumbai India. An avid reader of the spiritual knowledge, engineering graduate and executive. Loves reading meditation and sharing. You can reach me for your valuable feedback or you can reach me for your problems of finance, relationship etc. by dropping an e-mail to me on

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