Small Steps And Golden Stones

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It was a long walk but someone had to do it. And today it was up to Tori to carry the water from the river, through the fields and across the valley, back to the camp.

He set out early before sunrise so that he could do his work before the heat of the day became too much. Very soon he was standing by the side of the river. He knelt down and cupped the flowing water into his hands.

It felt great. So refreshing, cool and alive as it flowed through his outstretched hands. He drank some of the revitalizing waters before filling the two large urns with this clear, fresh water.

Holding one urn to his chest with each hand, Tori started the long walk back to the distant camp. Even though the sun was now rising he could still not even make out the outline of the tents. They were there somewhere on the other side of these fields, and across the wooded valley.

He walked on, taking care to stay clear of the high grass that tried to brush against him as he made his way along the path through the field. He also took care to keep his balance as he walked along the dirt track otherwise he would spill water all along his route.

Tori walked quickly and before long, even before he noticed, he was on the outskirts of the camp. The sun was a golden orange as he stopped to rest. He put the urns down on the ground and at that moment Kuma, the old wiseman of the village, walked out to greet him.

Kuma had a smile on his old face as he looked down at the dew drenched trousers worn by Tori. He giggled as he waved his walking stick in the air and explained to the confused Tori why he was laughing so hard.

Here is what he said: **When you focus on what you want to avoid those little monsters grow even bigger, and faster than you expect. Instead put your attention only on what you want and where you want to go.

Today as you walked through the field you wanted to avoid getting wet and hot. Nor did you want to lose any water from those two full urns. But you got soaked by the wet grass and you slipped from time to time on the damp track and lost a little water each time. And all the worry made you sweat.

If instead you had paid attention to what you wanted - to be cool and dry as you carried the urns you might have noticed the other pathway through the field. The one in the shadow of the forest.

You can walk along that trail of perfectly level golden stones at anytime of the day without being bothered by the heat of the sun. One step and one golden stone at a time would have brought you home very dry indeed with two urns full to the brim.**

And so it is for us all. Know what you want and you just might get it otherwise you are doomed to get what you worry about - that which you do not want.

The best communicators and the most persuasive presenters know exactly what they want to say and how they want to impact their audience.

If they want you to laugh they tell a good joke, if they want you to listen up they might speak more softly or even pause and use silence to capture your attention. And if they want to feel relaxed and confident for a big event they prepare diligently in advance of the big day.

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