The Self Appreciation Enhancer

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Very often when you are talking to people what you really want deep down is to feel significant, liked and important. Consequently you watch what you are saying and are careful not to say the wrong thing. This in turn can mean that the way you express yourself is stifled and constricted.

What if there was a better way? What if you could feel better about yourself and at the same time express yourself with greater freedom?

What you need is the Self Appreciation Enhancer!

All you need to get started is a mirror, some memories and a few minutes.

The Self Appreciation Enhancer:

1 Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself

2 Stand in front of a full length mirror

3 Close your eyes and go back in time to an occasion when someone paid you a compliment. Recall what this person said and hear the words in your ears. See what you were seeing at the time and notice how you felt. Imagine that you are stepping back into that experience.

As the feelings of appreciation and the sense of being valued build - open your eyes and look yourself in the eye in the mirror as you bask in these pleasurable feelings.

As soon as the feelings fade close you eyes.

4 Repeat step 3 by picking a different memory to indulge yourself in.

By using this approach you can quickly feel great about yourself and as a result you will express yourself with more confidence and with less concern for the approval of others.

When would this process be most useful to you?

* Anytime you are not feeling good about yourself
* before an important meeting
* in preparation for a job interview
* after getting severely criticized for your abilities or actions

Go on, give it a go and enjoy feeling deeply appreciated and valued.

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