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"You cannot step into the same river twice"

Hericlitus spoke those words around 500BC. A very wise man, Hericlitus.

The phrase points out to us that just as rivers flow on, so does time. Just as your foot will dip into the river, but it wont be the same water as before, so too, we only get one shot at each moment.

We must make full use of each of our moments, each toe in the river. For we cannot have them back, should we waste them.

Take today and make a commitment to your OWN health. Make a commitment to live as fully and healthfully as you can. Make a commitment to be good to yourself, by pushing yourself to full health.

We are like the river. We change moment by moment. You are not exactly the same person you were an hour ago. New cells have grown, hair is longer (if only by a micro-bit) and you have had thoughts for an hour longer than before. Perhaps a new piece of wisdom has been gained.

The trick, is to accept and revel in the ever-changing flow of life. Allow yourself to change. Grow.

When we try to make life remain the same, we wonder why we fail. Life changes just like the river. Just like us. Life moves along, with no attention to whether we're moving with it. Life doesn't care if we do or not.

Life offers us its new self each moment. It is up to us whether we reach out and embrace it in all its panoramic change.

One can never know what lies ahead on this ever-changing road. Might be good, might be not so good. But we cannot know until we set out. We cannot reap the possible rewards unless we keep on going.

Stagnation only leads to death of the spirit.

Be ACTIVE in seeking the nectar in life and drink it down.

You deserve it.

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