AWACS Automated Flight Following System for Nuke Bunker Buster Accuracy

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The Aerial Fire Fighting Industry uses a system called AFF Automated Flight Following System. It works from a satellite. We are noticing an increase in robotic flying machines, which are called UAVs Unmanned Aerial vehicles. These aerial vehicles use tele-robotics. Soon we will be able to have many aerial unmanned vehicles fly in swarms keying of one in five, ten or even a hundred aircraft. Some of this technology is being tested now and some even in the Middle East battlespace; the "Sandbox."

We need to take these systems already in use for several decades and merge them together into the net-centric model. Having the simple scaled down version of the Automated Flight Following systems to be used with the nuclear tip 1-2 Megaton Bunker Buster Smart Munitions, which it appears we will soon be using in North Korea as they will not set a realistic timetable to discuss and stop building nuclear weapons for deterrents and exports to rogue nations of the World.

Having satellite guided and following systems to pin-point accuracy we can penetrate the rocks in the mountains of the underground bases of the North Koreans, sending one to ten weapons into each target. Luckily we can get rid of our nuclear waste, kill the enemy to serve our political will and prevent the sale of nuclear arms to enemies of democracy and International Terrorists.

Since we already have these technologies, we should be practicing with them to hit the exact same spot ten times in a row within a short period of a 3-5 minutes. In the event of nuclear detonation this would have a piling effect on our enemy and easily take out an underground enemy. This technology, which is currently being used to guide fire fighting aircraft to the drop zone can be used without any problem to guide in a swarm of UAVs used as a multiple warhead strike. Similar to a Tomahawk missile attack, but with pin point accuracy into the cavity of each consecutive strike. Think on this.

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