Airport Noise Reduction

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Do you live near an airport and cannot stand the noise? Many of us do. Generally the airport was there before us however. In some cases the little airplanes turned into full-blown airliners. Reducing airport noise can be achieved by using sound waves towards the noise area. One way to do this is to use a similar noise or sound wave and point it above the homes in a flat directional set of beams like a funnel.

By sending the waves up they would meet with the sound from the aircraft and cancel out the noise from the airport. There are a few issues with this of course as it would effect other types of signals such as satellite radio and TV and local radio stations would be a little choppy. This strategy of course could be used for many things such canceling out train noise or freeway noise. Think of it as a virtual sound wall. Sound is a Sin Wave and creating another wave opposite to it you can cancel out the highs. The high pitched sound which makes it impossible to hear and almost impossible to think.

Often we over look the obvious things to problems in our society instead we blame municipalities, military and airplanes. Yet when you think about it transportation is almost as important in a civilization as the flow of communication. Military aircraft well that is just the sound of freedom; general public airports are too; freedom to jump on a plane and go almost anywhere in the world. Got noise? Get Smart. Think on this next time you find yourself complaining about the noise of an airport?

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