Flying VS Driving

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When fuel costs are so high, people favor flying to driving. If the distance to be traveled is over 500 miles it often makes sense to fly. If the distance is over 1000 miles then it definitely makes sense to fly to save fuel. In fact unless you really need a car once you get there and unless you will be staying for a long time or taking quite a bit of luggage, driving makes little sense. Some of us may be setting our sights on destinations which are not close to large airports, meaning we will need to jump onto a commuter airline to complete the trip, which does raise the cost. Still, it is hard to beat the trip on cost if you are paying $2.35 per gallon.

If you are traveling to a busy large International Airport you are going to save money over driving. If you live in a big city and traveling to another big city, then it is hard to justify the cost of driving. It is not just in the United States that this is true, it also works in Europe where discount airline flights from London to Paris or Madrid make sense. The Euro-Tunnel costs to drive are expensive. Although a ferry is a little less expensive it still cannot compare to the low cost of flying. In the United States we see people traveling to Las Vegas and from just about anywhere except the LA Basin, it makes little sense to drive anymore. Flights from PHX, Sacramento, Denver, Seattle or Portland are well under $100.00 in many cases if you buy them in advance. If you check the cost of flying VS the cost of fuel in you SUV, then you will see how affordable flying really is. Think on this.

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