Fuselage Mounted Laser Vortex Enhancer Directed to Airfoils

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DARPA has developed a small laser cannon, just like Star Wars to use as a weapon in a fighter plane for air to air combat, destroying enemy missiles or perhaps using a combination later on of Argon or CO2 (depending on altitude) for close air support. Recently it was announced that they would put this new airborne laser system onto fighter jets. The system, which will go onto a fighter jet would be called the; "HELLADS" or High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System, it is being tested now. It would be a system based on Israel's THEL system, which is a mobile "Tactical High Energy Laser."

I propose we have a set of tiny mirrors in front the leading edges of the wings of the aircraft redirecting the high-energy laser beam to areas above the wings and perhaps also onto other airfoils such as stabilizers and canards. This would blast the air and/or create vortex's, which would enhance lift which would allow for mini-tornado sucking of air over the wing in critical high angle of attack situations. I propose to use this technique to enhance lift by creating miniature eddies or vortexes directly above the boundary layers above the surfaces of the airfoils.

It would makes sense to prove concept to use the A-6 Intruder or the S-3 Viking since they are high-wing aircraft to start. The F-15 might be another good candidate if it works as well as the math shows. I further propose that this system would synchronize with the amount of air needed to maintain airflow needed in the intakes for air, wing lift and the thrust vectoring jets for stability. When not in use for evasive maneuvering the pole would retract into the nose of the aircraft.

We need an off-shoot of this technology which is being tested by General Atomics and Lockheed to prove my concept will work. We can use redirected or reflected laser cannon beams to increase stability in transitional flight situations to prevent departure of the aircraft from flight, by changing the air around the airfoils and control surfaces, Think about it.

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