Learning to Fly

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Flying is fun. I learned to fly myself when I was 10-years old as my dad was an Airline Pilot and former Naval Aviator. He also owned an aircraft and I caught the flying bug as they say at age ten. Flying is fun and gives you a completely different perspective of the world we live in. being able to look down on the world as if running a model train set. You can watch civilization move along the roads and highways. You see trains and shopping centers, cities and country side and all of a sudden the whole world in this dimension seems to make sense to you.

The freedom to be above it all and look down helps you understand the world in a completely different way. When you are up flying around you see the rat race below and all the hustle and bustle as you zoom over it. Learning to fly is relatively easy, the tests you have to take to get your license are not any harder than exams in school. Flying is a whole bunch of must know facts, which are interwoven into the activity. The weather, aerodynamics, navigation, weight and balance, use of the radio, etc. Each subject is broken down into bite size parts that anyone can learn.

Some people have a fear of flying at first although once they go up a few times they no longer have a fear, only pure excitement. An introductory flight is really only a phone call away and it costs very little. For about $100 you can see for yourself why flying can make a huge difference in your life. Once you catch the flying bug you will want to go up again and again. You will have a whole different perspective on what true freedom is as you fly above the congested world we live in. Flying is freedom and there is nothing else like it. Think on this and perhaps click one of the side bar ads to find out how easy it is to get your feet off the ground and experience it for yourself.

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