Lockheed Loitering Missile Expandable Wing Concept

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Smart Missiles are expensive, but effective. Efficiency in the the new paradigm of the net-centric warfare will yield results to those who pay attention and do not waste assets.

I propose that we add to the wing area of the newest Lockheed Martin Marietta Loitering Missile to allow for maximum loitering time in the battlespace and for possible safe recovery without damage in the event we wish to retrieve this ultra smart munitions due to lack of available targets.

At the wing folds out, it will have attached a webbing, which would inflate thru ram air and then close up. This would allow the missile to slow down and glide conserving rocket fuel on a ten-tier rocket canister system. On its downward assent to the target it would jettison the webbing, which would float to Earth will sending live video feed of the target kill and then self-destruct on landing thru incineration. I would like to see this munitions see its full potential and become a symbol of peace keeping to the free world, warning rogue nations that hostile actions is unacceptable starting today in this current period and those that partake in sponsoring international terrorism will be eliminated immediately. We must win the war on International Terrorism and those states, which sponsor it.

If no target is found the weapon will come back and land refill the ten-tier rocket canisters and replace the rocket propellant, download the USB port memory stick with complete video feed for VR future training and then lock and load and fly again. It is time to win the war on Terror thru absolute technology using the best of American ingenuity and know how. It must be done. Think on this.

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