Static Electricity to Flap UAV Material Memory Wings

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How can we keep aircraft and UAVs aloft longer and conserve fuel? How can we have a small MAV or UAV remain airborne for hours on end? Perhaps we should design a unit, which flies like a bird but uses the energy, which is all around us to do so. Electromagnetic Energy is everywhere. Can we design a light-weight vehicle which floats about and flaps every so often to remain airborne? Well as technology gets better with polymer muscles and built in material memory; where the substance is manufactured to keep its original shape like the toy; "Stretch Armstrong."

When an aircraft flies through the air it trades electrons due to the friction it creates. Rub your feet along the carpet sometime and notice you get a shock when you touch something. Not much, but enough energy to use to force a polymer muscle to contract. Then it immediately wishes to go back to its normal shape. By using the static electricity from the wings traveling through the air it maybe possible to use the energy to provide an Electromagnetic Pulse moving Material Memory Wings on a UAV? This means it will Flap along and take some of the energy it used to fly through the air and re-use that same energy to flap its wings to remain airborne. All birds have very strong muscles, which flap their wings, we can make such a muscle out of polymer to do the same thing and then find the already known best ratio of flapping to airspeed and design this into the zapping propulsion system that we created. Think on this, because you will not be alone in those thoughts.

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