Young Child Games-But When Do I Stop Playing Baby Games, You Ask?

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As a baby matures and starts to show the first signs of independence the games that you play will change dramatically. The turning point comes as he progresses from crawling to walking. This skill is as important for his development as it is for his proud parents! As a toddler becomes mobile, all of his other skills develop in tandem with this new found ability to get around. There are four major areas for development and these are motor-skills, creativity, mobility and social skills.

She will show an interest in new objects that involve manual dexterity. She has new handling skills as she turns her wrists and alters her grasp depending on the object she is playing with. Her expertise in manipulation and fine motor skill will continue to develop as she learns to throw, catch, grasp and feed herself.

Popular young child games involve one on one play between the child and care-giver. These promote language and other important social skills. Singing and rhyming games are favorites, as are finger plays and games of anticipation. Young children love to be tickled, and are even more excited when they know when the tickle is coming at the end of a song or game. It is also a time of imitation when children learn to 'talk' on a telephone, 'cook' something to eat or role-play other adult roles that they see in their own lives.

Creative pursuits become important as he learns that he can use an implement to make a mark. These are the very first understandings of cause and effect. 'I did that' or 'I created that' are very important realisations for toddlers. Although they will not draw or paint with any intention, they will be just as excited and proud of their work and will love to see it being displayed on the fridge.

Toddler games can cover such a broad spectrum of activities that as parents we can always find a game to play that suits the personality of our child as well as their mood for the day.

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