5 Sunless Tanning Lotion Tips For Summer

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If you use sunless tanning products it's probably because your skin's health is very important to you - yet you still love the tan look. The following tips will help you make the most as you protect your skin and stay bronze at the same time.

Exfoliate is great! Scrub nice and hard in the shower a few hours before application. Getting rid of the dead skin will help your canned-tan to stick a little longer.

Shaving is great a few hours before applying lotions, but.. avoid shaving right before applying sunless tanning products. Chemicals in the lotion can cause irritation if you don't give your skin time to recover from the shock of the blade.

Stay dry after you apply. Don't get wet and don't sweat for at least a few hours after applying sunless tanning lotions. This will help prevent irregular streaking in your fake-bake.

Gloves, gloves, gloves. Unless you want your hands to be neon orange, wear cheap latex gloves when you apply your bronzers.

If you notice some areas of your body, like your elbows, get too dark after applying sunless tanning lotions, apply baby oil or gel to these areas before hand. This will help balance out your bronze.

Try these self-tanning tips this summer, and enjoy looking golden without sacrificing your skin to the sun!

James Allen is the webmaster of Best Sunless Tans. Come learn everything you need to know to save your skin and still look golden all year long.

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