Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) Who Do They Benefit?

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* Hyperkeratinization (increased accumulation of keratin and cell) extreme cases of hyperkeratinization such as Seborrheic dermatitis (Seborrhea skin conditions which is excess flaking, itching, scaling and redness afflicting either scalp or face due to an increase of the rate of production of skin cells which buildup on the skin.

* Hyperpigmentation (brown spots, discoloration), dry sun damaged skins

* Xerosis (so-called "dry", rough, uneven skin, calloused skin)

* Wrinkles and fine lines

* Comedonal, Whiteheads and blemished skins

* Keratosis pilaris (are numerous tiny rough spots sometimes red and itchy usually on the arms but may appear on the thighs, hands, eyebrows, cheeks or any other part of the body caused by accumulation of old skin cells, this occurs mostly in the winter months when skin is more prone to drynes and low humidity or after the summer months due to sun exposure.....(causing calloused skin)


* Refine the corneal layer by exfoliating accumulation of dead skin cells

* Accelerate cellular renewal

* Moisturize by stimulating the skin to produce hyaluronic acid, known for it's highly

moisturizing effect on the skin but to be effective the concentration should be 2% and up! * Reduce brown spots

* Even out and Brighten the complexion

* Make wrinkles less visible

* Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) are naturally occurring acids, derived from the sugars.. Some examples are

Glycolic Acid (Sugar Cane), Lactic Acid (Milk), Tartaric Acid (Grapes), Citric Acid (Citrus Fruits), Malic Acid (Apples), and Mandelic Acid (Bitter Almonds).

* These acids work at the very base of the stratum corneum, dissolving the cement that holds dead skin cells together to remove dead cells from the skin, removal of this external barrier enables easier, deeper penetration of other skin treatments as well clears oiliness and impurities, increases skin hydration due to the natural moisturizing properties of AHAs and rejuvenates the skin.This increases cell turnover and influences the structure of new stratum corneum being made. AHA has the potential to help bleach unwanted skin discoloration. This results in skin that is more flexible,even in color, more smooth, and more moisturized, making fine lines less visible while delaying the aging process. Finally, they not only stimulate collagen production, but help plump up collagen and elastin fibers within the skin. It is the basis of many acne therapy and skin rejuvenation!

* Excellent exfoliating product!!!! For all skin types except reactive/sensitive skins and any age (teenagers to seniors)! IF YOUR SKIN IS TOO SENSITIVE FOR AHA YOU WILL KNOW CAUSE IT WILL FEEL IRRITATED AND RED.

* An effective concentration should contain at least 7-8% alpha hydroxy acid with a pH between 2.5 and 4.0. A pH of up to 4.5 is acceptable on products with high concentrations of 20-25%. Products for use at home should never contain over 10 % alpha hydroxy acid, anything over 10-15% a doctor's or professional supervision is required. Alpha hydroxy acids do not thin the skin if used correctly!

* Remember one should always wear a sunscreen if one is using alpha hydroxy acids products and going in the sun (which is not recommended because of possible sensitivities, this also includes the cold and wind, the reason why I recommend to use AHA creams at night to prevent any possible reaction/sensitivities to any harsh environment ) In the summer one should always use suncblock if they will be outside!

* For some it is best at the beginning to use the aha cream every second night and work up gradually to every night. Or you may wish to use the product every other night throughout the treatment and alternate with another cream if your skin feels sensitive...

* While using AHA creams it is normal to have some flaking occuring this is just the dead skin cells being shed off! Also during the first few weeks some people may experience some breakouts that is normal too due to the product eliminating impurities from the pores and a sensation of warmth and light tingling may occur!!!

If you wish you can apply a moisturizer (optional) on top of the AHA over dry areas or use it alone! Also the need to exfoliate the skin once a week is not necessary when using aha products!

Linda Fournier
Professional Esthetician/Owner
Elle's Esthetic Studio

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