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As you age, your skin becomes slack and loses its luster. You develop wrinkles and your face can look sunken in. It's amazing how forehead wrinkles and drooping eyebrows can age a person's appearance. The solution to this problem is a brow lift. Often, as you age, people will ask if you're angry or sad or tired when you are actually in a cheerful mood. These aging affects on the forehead not only make you look older, but also make you seem like you're in a negative mood. This is why many people have chosen to undergo cosmetic surgery to lift their brow, shedding years and those negative emotions that are unconsciously emitted by a sagging brow.

As with most cosmetic surgery procedures, many surgeons will give local anesthesia and a sedative, but others will use general anesthesia which will put you to sleep through the entire operation. There are two different ways to have a brow lift: the conventional "open" method and the endoscopic method.

In the classic method of brow lifts, an incision will be made on the scalp, usually just after the hair line, although it is sometimes put before the hairline or in the middle of the scalp because of patients who are experiencing hair loss. The forehead skin is the lifted to alter the forehead muscles. Then the brow is lifted and the excess skin is trimmed off and stitched back into place leaving the patient with a smooth brow.

Endoscopic procedures are becoming more favorable because the incisions are smaller. Rather than one long incision, four or five smaller incisions are made in the scalp and a tiny camera, an endoscope, is inserted so the doctor can see below the skin. Then the muscles are altered and the excess skin is tightened.

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