Contact Lenses and the Over 40s

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The over-40s crowd are suffering from discovering that their arms are growing shorter as words become increasingly more difficult to read up close and they must hold small items at arms length to be able to see them properly.

This is obviously an eye complaint and is called presbyopia. This condition occurs as the eye gradually loses its ability to focus on objects close at hand. The problem,at first, may only occur in dim lighting situations such as in restaurants or other poorly lit rooms. Over time it will worsen until it is impossible to read or to carry out close work at all.

Fortunately for this generation of the over 40s or baby boomers they have more choice that ever before when it come to correcting their vision.

Reading glasses remain a popular choice for this generation and many keep various pairs of different styles around the home. They works well in conjunction with contact lenses and as this generation are more active than their parents were at the same age contacts are making more of an impact. The more sportily minded prefer the convenience of being able to see but without the hassle of wearing glasses.

Bifocal contact lenses are a modern option that allow the wearer to be able to see things at close range aswell as distance vision. These lenses are in wide use today aswell as monovision fits which allows one eye to see things close up and the other eye to see things at a distance.

Lorna Mclaren

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