Home Tanning Beds Are A Great Investment

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If you're like many of us and just have to have that suntan whether it's August or January then you should seriously think about buying a home tanning bed. Home tanning beds are a great investment.

You can purchase home tanning beds online, from salons that are upgrading, from many retail outlets, and sometime out of your local papers classified ads.

The prices on home tanning beds vary depending on the make, model, age, and where you live. In northern communities that get winter the value of these beds tends to be higher than in southern communities that see the warm sun all year round.

A home tanning bed is wired to work with your home wiring. The stronger beds will require you to have an electrician install a 220 plug. The same type of plug your electric stove uses. It's really quite affordable. The smaller less powerful beds will operate on a regular 110 plug.

What type of bed you buy is a personal choice that depends on the amount of space you have to dedicate to a tanning bed, how you tan, and what you want to obtain with your bed. Yes I know a suntan, but there are different levels of tanning.

Home tanning beds are a much nicer option than having to run to the salon all the time. Between the salons busy schedule and your busy schedule it can be a real pain to juggle. Not only that you whip in have your tan whip back out and you're rushing the whole time.

At home you can turn your tanning session into a time to relax. Put on your favorite tunes, crawl into your tanning bed and breath deep ? relax! Then you can hop into your own shower put on some comfy clothes and curl up with a good book or your favorite television show. Beats the heck out of the salon scenario!

How much you spend is up to you. But you should set a rough budget before you start looking. Beds are available in a wide range of prices depending on maker, bulb strength, bed size, and age. If you are on a tight budget look at older beds, but be sure to replace the bulbs so they are at their maximum strength.

Maintaining a tanning bed is pretty straight forward. You have the cleaning process to disinfect and remove oils from the platform so as not to inhibit the ability of the tanning rays to reach you. You'll need to replace the bulbs on a regular schedule, and you'll need to replace any parts that become worn.

Bulbs loose their strength fairly quickly. If a bulb is rated for 900 hours by 450 hours it has lost half of its strength. Now you can continue to use that bulb but you'll need to tan twice as long to get the same results as you did when the bulb was new.

Home tanning beds come with various options such as internal cooling systems, built in stereo systems, and different types of bulbs. Some beds have special face tanning bulbs. If you're not sure about a certain option you can always do a quick search online to find out more information.

Home tanning beds are large so if you are purchasing online you'll want to make sure you know your shipping costs. Many of the manufacturers or dealers will ship a new bed for free so that might be a good option to pursue.

So if your tan is important to you consider purchasing a home tanning bed! Home tanning beds are available to meet everyone's needs!

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