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Countless people are now using an anti-aging complex that works to help reduce the appearance of existing signs of aging and to help prevent the appearance of new lines and wrinkles in the future. The product they use has an extraordinary, marine-source formulation that is free of alpha-hydroxy acids, yet effectively evens skin tone and retextures, refines, brightens, and firms the skin's surface.

New pharmaceutical nutrients supply enzymes that amplify the body's natural process of rejuvenating the skin after sun exposure. Photosomes are fast-acting, light-activated enzymes, while ultrasomes are the slower acting enzymes that work without light. Pharmaceutical nutrients help speed cell renewal in sun-damaged skin to revitalize it from within.

A powerful oxidative-defense complex that is rich with vital nutrients provides optimal nutrition for hair and skin cells. Concentrated whole-grape extract, rice-derived gamma oryzanol, and green tea are powerful antioxidants that keep skin and hair strong, while vitamin E and tocopherols soothe and nourish to maintain the integrity of the skin's lipids. This breakthrough, topical-flavonoid complex is your first line of defense for beautiful, healthy hair and skin.

The crucial role that vitamin C plays in cell health and collagen synthesis has been known for decades. A revolutionary formulation of water-soluble and lipid-soluble forms of vitamin C that counteract the harsh effects of the environment on the hair and skin's appearance and provide essential antioxidants. Proline and glycine, highly effective amino acids that draw in moisture, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Smoother, brighter hair and skin can be yours with this powerful beauty therapy.

Essential fatty acids are a basic building block for healthy skin and hair. Use pharmaceutical products that provide important polyunsaturated fatty acids to support smooth, hydrated skin and soft, manageable hair. Fiber is an important element in maintaining healthy skin because it helps maintain overall body health. Use a great-tasting, low-glycemic drink mix that provides more than twice the amount of fiber.

Parabens preservatives seem to be in everything we touch, taste, or use. They are commonly found in salad dressings, sunscreens, topical dermatological medications, toothpastes, and other products. And they cause more damage than good. Are you using parabens and don't know it? Do you have allergic reaction to these parabens preservatives? Contact me for a free health assessment.


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