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I love long hair! Especially mine.

Yes, I live in a hot coastal town with 95% humidity and 95 degrees all summer long. So what? I refuse to cut my gorgeous hair for 3 months out of the year. That just doesn't make sense. I can't grow it back in the remaining 9 months, not to past my waist where it belongs. Sorry.

Yes, I have friends, both male and female who seasonally crop their beautiful locks to get their hair off their shoulders and necks for the summer. I hate that. Have they no sense of esthetics? What is wrong with putting it up for a couple of months? I ask you!

But no, they have to go and cut it. I don't even let my friends say the words, "cut" and "hair" in the same sentence around me. I don't. Ask them. We trim our hair. We do not cut it. That goes double for my boyfriend. I don't look twice at these guys whose hair doesn't even extend below their earlobes. What fun is that?

My sweetheart has the most beautiful waist-length blonde hair on the planet. I can tolerate the fact that he puts it in a ponytail for work. Can't have those suits getting all annoyed that their programmer fellah ain't dressed right, now can we?

The minute he hits the door, though, I want those silky tresses out of their hair tie and back where it belongs: in full sight. I'll never forget the first time I saw him. We met at a party. The first thing I saw was that hair! I immediately asked a friend nearby who the new guy was. She said she didn't know, but Angel would. So I wandered over to Angel and inquired.

Angel said he was new here. He had just arrived from Michigan. Well, isn't that nice? Next thing you know he has my phone number. Isn't life sweet? Now that we live together, he promises never to cut his hair. I'll hold him to it, too. If he ever wants to break up with me, all he has to do is cut that hair and I'm outta here. He won't, though. I was careful. He loves his long hair as much as I love mine.

We go out to the beach and put those tresses up in a ponytail. Slide it aside to apply suntan lotion and we are set. We'll wash it later. I'll sometimes put mine up in a bun, okay, but it comes down the minute I'm off the beach.

Are you one of us? Do you love your long hair summer or winter? I see that you are. It's really beautiful that way.

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Christy Mettarod went into hair styling right out of college. She has been styling hair for 30 years. You can read more articles about hair at Your Hair.

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