Mineral Makeup: A Natural Sunscreen

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Mineral makeup is the thing to wear this summer if you're looking for an all natural makeup with safe and effective sunscreen. The fact is that two of the main ingredients in mineral makeup are natural sunscreens that not only reflect light but protect your skin from harmful and cancer causing UV rays.

The ingredients, Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide, both natural and very safe minerals are found in almost every sunscreen on the market. Titanium dioxide is so effective because of it's ability to reflect light. It has one of the highest refractive indexes in the world at (n=2.4). In fact this refractive index is surpassed by only one other mineral in the world-diamond.

Titanium dioxide is also inorganic so it keeps the skin from gathering moisture that could feed bacteria and cause or worsen acne. This is great news for acne sufferers looking for an effective makeup and sunscreen product that won't worsen their condition.

The second natural sunscreen mineral in mineral makeup is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide was not chosen as an ingredient because of it's sunscreen qualities however, it was chosen for it's vast array of colors and indeed is elimental in providing a large array of colors for makeup artists to work with when formulating different foundaitons, blushes, and eyeshadows.

Zinc oxide is a natural UV blocker just as titanium dioxide is. It also has the same very water resistant quality of titanium dioxide and wards of bacteria. Zinc oxide is as widely used in sunscreen lotions as titanium dioxide. These two elements together give most brands of mineral makeup an spf of 15.

Sure, almost any sunscreen touting makeup you buy has these minerals in it, so what's the big deal? For acne and rosescea sufferers, believe me it's a big deal. Mineral makeup is known world wide as the skin care makeup because no matter what skin care conditions you may suffer from it is a makeup that is totally safe for your skin. Recommended around the world by dermatologists and plastic surgeons it is actually so pure that you can sleep in it without worrying about acne flair ups or any adverse reaction.

Talc based makeups, although they may contain these two natural sunscreen minerals also have other additives such as dies, chemicals and oils. Talc itself is organic and can help feed bacteria which worsens acne and rosascea. Almost all makeup on the market is talc based. Another drastic difference is the way mineral makeup is processed and worn.

Minerals used in the makeup are finely milled until they are too fine to clog pores. Talc is not milled this fine and it can clog pores worsening or causing skin problems. If you're looking for a sunscreen makeup that is natural and safe mineral makeup is definately the way to go.

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