Risks Of Tanning Beds - Not All They Are Hyped Up To Be

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The risks of tanning beds aren't all that it's hyped up to now-a-days. For example, all of the skin cancer horror stories that you hear about all came from people who went about tanning the wrong way 20 to 30 years ago. You see, skin cancer has a latency of about 20-30 years. That long ago almost everyone that that getting a sunburn would fade into a nice looking tan, so most people would go to the beach and keep up with a pattern of getting sun burnt. This is what causes skin cancer, the repetitiveness of getting sun burnt. So there is common misconception of the risks of tanning beds. It's not all cancer in a box as many people say.

Some other risks of tanning beds are your eyes. There is some risk if you choose not to wear safety eyewear, or the goggles. This is a requirement for all tanning salons to provide safety eyewear, but no one can actually make you wear them. Without wearing them, the risks of tanning beds increase. You can get an early form of cataracts and you could even have temporary or complete blindness. Although using the safety equipment can leave almost unnoticeable white circles around your eyes, the risk of not using them does not make up for it.

You can reduce the risks of tanning beds by not staying in them for to long. If you notice that after your tanning session that you got burnt, then the next time you go you need to reduce your time a little. Getting sun burnt is the worse thing you can do to your skin. Also, to reduce risk, be sure to wear the goggles for your eyes.

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