Self Tanning - Affordable and Easy To Do

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Sunless tanning has many advantages over the traditional sun tanning. Some people are unable to tan due to their melanocytes not being in working order. Sunless tanning avoids this problem as it does not require melanocytes. The active ingredient in many sunless tanning supplies is Dihydroxyacetone[DHA]. DHA saturates the dead skin cells at the surface of the outside layer of the skin, turning the dead cells brown (or tan color).

Sunless tanning is completely safe. There is a common myth that sunless tanning is unsafe. The FDA in the 1970s banned tanning pills which are completely different than the sunless tanners on the market today. Today's sunless tanning products are safe even for children(always consult your own doctor, prior to using any product as he knows any allergic reactions you or your child may have).

The nice thing about sunless tanning is that the tan is temporary. They usually last around five to seven days after that it wears off and you get progressively lighter. This is perfect for those people who are attending a wedding and want to have a nice tan!

Another advantage of sunless tanning is that sunless tans instant. You do not have to start "working on a tan" months in advance. You can also control how dark you are with sunless tanning.

One of the best advantages of sunless tanning is you do not have tan lines like lying out in the sun. Many women do sunless tanning just for this benefit!

Going tanning at a tanning salon is expensive, sunless tanning is cost effective for. Many drug stores have a store brand of self tanner that works great and is just as good as many of the more expensive products.

Finally, you do not have to do this alone. Many of your friend's already sunless tan, every so often get together for a "tanning party." These tanning parties are getting more and more popular with self tanners.

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