Thinking About A Spray Tan For Your Wedding? Be Careful.. Be Very Very Careful...

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. When you definitely want to look your best.

How would you feel, if that special occasion was spoiled by your skin showing lots of ugly brown patches, or worse still, if you woke up on a day of your wedding, looked in the mirror and discovered that you have turned into an orange pumpkin?

What a terrifying thought! But quite possible.

And yet, whenever you go on any wedding forum you will discover that many brides-to-be contemplate having THEIR VERY FIRST SPRAY TAN on the eve of their wedding day!

THAT IS JUST NOT THE WAY TO GO ABOUT IT! (Sorry for shouting, but I have seen few spray tanning disasters that would make a bride's skin crawl). The fact is, spray tanning solution is just a cosmetic, and as ANY cosmetic it might be compatible with your skin, or it might not!

The SAFEST way to get a great spray tan for your wedding is to:

1. Find a salon/technician that uses Clear spray tanning solution, or a solution with very little bronzer (that way the bronzer will not get into your pores, and stain your wedding dress).

2. Learn how to prepare before your spray tan, so that spray tan will have a best chance to come out even.

3. Have the lightest possible tan. Do not go for the "Bahamas holiday" variety, get "just a glow".

4. For goodness sake, have a trial run! Especially, if you've never had a spray tan before. This way you will see how your skin reacts to the solution, and what precaution you will have to take (eg more barrier cream on dry ankles) to make the tan perfect next time.

5. Have a trial run in the same salon that you will have a spray tan for your wedding. If you are having your wedding away from your home town, give a ring around in the town where your wedding will take place and find out what solution they use. Then find the same one in your home town, and try it out.

6. At the time of your trial spray tan, buy a bottle of a touch up solution and learn how to use it correctly.

7. Take special care of your hands and feet. They will be on show at your wedding, so it's better to apply more barrier cream before spray tan, and then touch them up if necessary rather than finish up with brown stains.

8. Learn how to take care of your tan afterwards with tan extending and moisturising products, so that your perfect tan will last longer than your wedding night.

Is it possible to get a great spray tan for your wedding? Is it worth all the extra bother? Will it create enough visible results to justify the cost?


A good spray tan will give you a wonderful glow that will make your eyes sparkle, your hair shine, and will give you the brightest smile ever. And how will that special lingerie look on a body that is tanned all over?

Spray tan for your wedding? What a fantastic idea?????as long as you do it right.

Boshena Warzecha is an owner of TanXtreme, a spray tanning salon in Byron Bay. She has also written a spray tanning guide

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