Wearable Art: The Great Conversation Starter

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Ok, you are heading to a small get together or large party and you know that you will not know many of the other guests. Alternatively, you want people (or maybe that cutie!) to have an easy way to approach you. In these situations, wear something that is highly likely to be a good conversation starter. For example, if hats are your thing, choose one that that people will be prompted to ask you about it. Even easier, is to wear a unique and funky jewelry accessory (called wearable art) that will quickly catch people's attention and gives them an easy in to ask you about it.

Bring your own conversation piece

Wearable art is a fantastic conversation prop, providing a non-threatening way to start a conversation. Actually, you are giving people an excuse to come and talk to you. You make yourself more approachable and interesting because you are wearing ("Come say hi to me!") something about you that is an obvious talking point. These jewelry fashion props are natural conversation starters. They encourage conversation and others will be more naturally compelled to start a conversation with you.

Jewelry adds to your body language

Jewelry reflects the ultimate style and personality of the person wearing it. Zany and colorful wearable art works best, it shows you have spirit, are playful, light-hearted, and spontaneous. People are naturally attracted to this.

Timely Fashion

Wearing watches just to tell time is outdated and out of fashion. Creative and artistically creative watches are now the hottest, must have accessories. Both sexes are buying watches that are as fashionable as they are functional. Look for watch art with unique colors, design, shapes, or other significant characteristics. They stick out and help you get that conversation started.

Best bet: Never leave home without your wearable art conversation prop!

Contributor: Stuart Glasure [A fashion and wine enthusiast and publishing member of the wine source:]

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