Blogging Your Way To Success Part 3

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(Continued from Blogging Your Way To Success Part 2)

You have already set up a blog. You have at least 20 pages of content. All of a sudden, you have a real website. You are in the game of Internet Business! The next thing to do is get yourself an account with AdSense.

You can get your account at

AdSense, in general, pays you for every click on its Ads. Isn't that a good source of income? You bet it is!

Now, this does not mean you can simply click on the ads severable times to be paid (or even ask your friends for that matter) because the ones who are going to suffer are the people who subscribed to AdWords. They are paying for every click to their website through this program (that is where your money comes from). As you can see, this is a very unethical act. The ones who should be clicking on them are your visitors and not you! Can you imagine if you have subscribed to AdWords and people on the Internet do this to you?

Let's go back to the original topic before I get carried away. Now, not just anyone can get an account with AdSense to start earning money. However, since you have a blog with over 20 pages of content and a focused topic, it would not be long until you will be accepted. There are sources that indicate one needs to have at least 20 pages of content, together with fulfilled criteria such as page design and topic relevance, before being accepted by Google.

We are going to assume that you got your AdSense account by now (which I am sure you will as long as you have been following the series faithfully up until now), so as soon as you have been accepted, log into your account, tinker with your settings, and finally ? you copy and paste the AdSense code into your blog template.

Now, you have a source of income! Congratulations!

Submitting Your Links And Feed
Up until now, no one has been to your blog yet. So, start establishing link exchanges at this point. You will want to do this with web sites with page ranks 4 or higher. The best places to start with are:

You can also personally visit other people's blogs and ask for a link exchange. Just be sure that their blog shares the same topic of interest as yours.

We will wrap this whole thing up in the next part of the series.

(To be continued in Blogging Your Way To Success Part 4)

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