RSS - A New Face of Online Marketing

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Today we see the Internet as a global catalog of information, and the Internet thrives on information. But information, which is fresh and new, is more valuable than out dated content. And that's the reason why most of the Webmasters try to keep their sites updated.

In the recent years we have seen webmasters trying different methods to keep their content updated. However, a new face of online marketing is gaining popularity all over the web. It's called RSS and its helping webmasters spread their content all over the web, like wildfire.

RSS ("Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summery"), is widely used to deliver content to your website users without any restriction.

For marketing your website and promoting it to target audience, you need creative strategies that build brand awareness, increase site traffic, and ensure that you are the best around in giving quality content. And RSS lets you do it with conviction.

Using RSS for marketing can help you integrate your website with your other marketing initiatives, develop winning strategies to drive targeted users to your site and in the process increase overall traffic and sales.

RSS today is getting very popular. It has changed the face of online marketing because with this technology webmasters can deliver their new latest content which is published on there website to his/her targeted users and also display it directly on their web page.

RSS Feeds are made in XML format, this XML file can be made very easily all by your self if you're a programmer, as I'm sure XML is much easier then any other programming language. But if you don't have any idea how to go about with the programming part, there are websites who can help you in making your own RSS Feed for your website, all you got to do is make an account on there website, they will guide you thorough some sequence of steps and your RSS Feed will be ready to get published.

RSS can increase your website traffic very rapidly here are some benefits listed below:

Stop your messages from getting blocked by strong spam filters

Provide New and Fresh Information on Your website, which encourages users to return to Your website.

Automate content delivery to your website users.

The Content can reach your Targeted Users with out Fail.

Drastically improve your search engine ranking and reach your target audience with ease

Boost your lead generation, easily add new subscribers and zoom past your competition that continues to use email.

As the name "Rich Site Summary" suggest that the RSS Feed is the summary of the actual content, without overwhelming the reader with superfluous details. If the reader is interested and wants additional information they can click on the item in the feed to accessing the website which contains additional details about that feed Item, RSS readers aggregate multiple feeds, making it easy for individuals to quickly scan information contained within each feed. Feeds are generally themed, allowing users to opt-in for the feeds that are of interest to them.

So if your website is not having this new technology, get started and join this new revolution.

Ibrahim Quraishi is the co-founder of, a free online service that helps anyone deliver targeted content to their subscribers through RSS. Sign Up for your FREE account on his site to put an end to blocked messages and add more subscribers.

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