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We all know that in the world of online internet marketing we need our sites to get good quality targeted traffic on a daily basis. Whether we are just trying to improve our web site traffic just in general or as a specific need to increase our revenue from affiliate programs and adsense the life blood of our business is and always will be quality laser targeted visitors.

So in order to produce high quality web sites we all needed to fill our web site pages with good content rich features and articles, this being a two-fold strategy. Not only do we need high quality content to please our visitors and hopefully get them to return to our sites in the future, good quality content also seduced the major search engines into sending their bot crawlers to our sites on a daily basis and thus ensuring that our web sites were placed and ranked well in their search results. After all, well-ranked web sites in search engine results equals more high quality laser targeted visitors and the cycle continues.

In our quest to fulfil the needs of this web content rss feeds came to the rescue, known by some as Rich Site Summary, rss feeds offer a means of placing a link on your web site from a feature source of interest and this will usually be updated daily by the owner with new features and articles. This is a giant leap forward as far as web content is concerned and enables many web site owners to produce high quality web sites with fresh daily content of interest to their visitors.

Placing an rss feed on your web pages now means that your site is continualy updated daily with all the latest news and views of interest to your site visitors and members, ensuring that visitors not only have a site worth visiting but book marking and visiting again on a regular basis.

This will produce the life blood of any website constant and improving web traffic.

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